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   SciFi-Art.Com : The Mind's Eye - Week of May 1, 1999 Page II

Welcome to "The Mind's Eye", where pictures and animations abound, and we're just getting started! As of right now, we are still building a collection of models, working on a unique set of special effects, and honing our animation skills. This is the result of our best work thus far, though it is only a small taste of what is yet to come. This is the first edition of "The Minds Eye", and we want to know what you want to see. We want feedback! Come to our forums and tell us what you think.

   The SENTINEL class cruiser. The ship is rougly 1/4 the length of a Galaxy class starship. The original idea was to make a refit of the Akira class ship, something that would look more futuristic. Tachy had some problems designing some new katamaran-like pylons so, ended up with the saucer shape and nothing to go on with...
   A few weeks later he thought of doing an Excelsior refit. He took the best of the Enterprise B nacelles and tried to think of something. After a few hours of modeling, the ship looked like this, sort of a cross between an Excelsior and an Oberth. Now don't ask yet for specifications about this ship, BUT if you have some ideas, please submit your own specifications at the Shiporama II forum.

   Stills a little too booring for you? Perhaps you'd like to see the ship in motion, so Tachy has prepared a few small AVIs of it. These AVIs are compressed with Indeo5, which you'll need to view them. MPEG versions will be available soon.

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