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   Klingons, the warrior race of the alpha quadrant. They don't have as many ships as the Feddies have, a shame, we like the green beasts. The Vor'Cha class cruiser displayed here is the 3rd version Tachy built. Not 100 accurate, but very nice nonetheless. Tachy modeled it almost a year ago, based on the AMT-ERTL model kit.
   Another great ship is the Negh'Var, seen in 'All good things' and 'The way of the warrior', a really wicked warship. This one is the 4th version, the model is very accurate. If you want a taste of what it looks like, download the 3rd version at the Discovery Zone.
   At last, the Bird of Prey. An awesome model made by Maxpayn. Excellent textures too make it almost undistinguishable from the real model.

   The 1st movie shows a Negh'Var firing with the big guns. The second movie features a Negh'Var being escorted by two Birds of Prey (K'Vort class, in case you'd ask).

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