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Welcome to the second edition of "The Mind's Eye". We've made some improvements, and we now have a few more new starships. We hope you'll enjoy this update, which will probably be the last of its kind since we hope to move more towards animation / movies in the future. Feel free to tell us how you feel about all this in our forums because hell, we need your feedback !! There are 20 pages of pictures, but don't skip the last one's, we saved some of the best for last. :)

   The KOROLEV class cruiser. Yes, the one with threee nacelles...that's one of our new babies, as big as a Galaxy class, and packed with firepower. She's featured here with the Akira class and the angry Klingon warship Negh'Var.

   The two bottom pictures were inspired by an asteroid contest we launched at the forums, so Tachy made some asteroids. The Mustang class runabout is on the right picture.

   We of course needed a spacedock, because there is no StarTrek without thet usual huge spacedock hanging in there waiting for some cool ships to dock.

This is one of the first models Pedro made (model + textures), primarily based on Mike Wright's spacedock , but everything has been remodeled, exterior AND interior. YES, this mesh has got the interior fully textured too, this way we can have shots of starships INSIDE the model.


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