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   SciFi-Art.Com : The Mind's Eye - MOVIES, August 1999 Page II

Well, this is the first page dedicated to here they are. Of course, if you like spacebattles with tons of dead people, genocides, and mass destruction, you may want to go elsewhere. These movies are more 'artwork' oriented, you see. You'll see a few phaser shots and some explosions, but none of your basic shoot 'em up stuff.

The best of the best is really when you have all ships in action. These are the three SCIFI-ART trailers. Many of you know the first one, but the other two are new. The second one features the Mustang class Runabout (well worth the wait), and the third one features the Prevaricate, Korolev, and Excelsior ships.

Trailer 1 (5MB)
Trailer 2  (19MB)

Trailer 3  (20MB)

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