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Joerg Gerlach posesses nearly godlike powers, he's been around for years, and built some of the most popular publicly accesable models around. His Jem'Hadar Bug mesh is practically legendary, and about the only Jem'Hadar model around that worth it's spit. All renders were made with models built in 3DS R4 and 3DS Max 2.5, and were rendered min Max.

    Joerg Gerlach's eye for creating scenes is as sharp as his modeling ability, as you can see here. The DS9 explosion is particularly impressive. He used 8 combustion effects and a meshbomb, and added a big LensFlare later in Photoshop for the explosion and some smaller flares for the BoP lights.

           Whoah, look at that comet! Made with a rock surrounded by a blue combustion, and followed by a selfilluminating spray particle system. He added a RLF glow to the particle system, it looks as good as any I've ever seen. The warbird picture is basically just a show of the model, with a bit of RLF for the background.

Credits: All images created/copyrighted by Joerg Gerlach May/June 1999.
Meshes: DS9 by Joerg Gerlach
              USS Voyager by Martin Hajek
              USS Enterprise 1701D by Sean Quigley
              Bird of Prey by Martin Hajek
              Borg cube by Andrew Marrs, texturing by Matt Allen
              USS Excelsior by Eric Peterson, texturing by Matt Allen
              Runabout by Martin Hajek, Mission Pod extension by Mateen Greenway
              Earth by Matt Allen
              Romulan Warbird by Stefan May

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