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   SciFi-Art.Com : The Mind's Eye - MK84 Page II

Welcome to first "The Mind's Eye" guest section, where we feature the artwork of the best 3D artists on the net! This edition features picture by MK84, Joerg Gerlach, and Jon Kolton. We'll start with Mr. MK84, who uses Lightwave 3D.

   Leaving lunar orbit, the shuttle heads to Earth to pickup Captain Janeway and Lieutenant Paris prior to their voyage to DS9. Experimentation with water effects. The shuttle flies over a lake on a mild foggy day. Paris takes the shuttle for a joyride in a rock garden.

   More experimentation with water effects, this time together with volumetrics and atmospheric lighting effects. Going full throttle in a river valley....Star Wars-style! :)
After failing to retrieve the ejected warp core from Voyager. Paris guns the throttle when the core breaches and explodes. (grab the valleyrun movie from our movies page!)

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