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The classic lines of the USS Excelsior designed by Bill George at ILM have inspired modelers for years. Pedro started work on the Scifi-Art Excelsior model about 6 months ago, and it has just recently been completed. Coincidentally, around the same time two very talented modelers, Kristen Simmons and Anarion, posted pictures of their versions of the Excelsior at the Scifi-Art Forums. Both were quite impressive, so Tachy had the idea of creating an Excelsior gallery at Scifi-Art, and here it is! It's interesting to see how similar the models are, particularly if you consider that they were each created in different sofware packages. A classic ship is given new life in the pixellated world of Scifi-Art....

Anarion's Excelsior

Kristen's Excelsior

Scifi-Art Excelsior

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