This is a summary of artwork for the year 2001, the year scifi-art was at the peak of its popularity. Let me tell you a little bit about what happened this very year :

New senate members were chosen, but it did not turn out very good, several of them turned their back on Tachy ( myself ) and went on creating their own gig ( the 3dgladiators, ewwww ! )

By doing so, they had to steal the old scifi-art forums from us and start their own thing ( which is quite disgusting, i agree ! ), and start hanging shit on Scifi-Art and especially Tachy ( me again )

Thinking Scifi-Art was dead, they went on bragging about their new package ( which was a pale copy of Scifi-Art ), but they did not expect us to be back with a new forum within DAYS ( yes ) ... and a new site with hundreds of pictures/tutorials/... within a couple of weeks.

Scifi-Art not only regained its members but also expanded its popularity, averaging a monthly website traffic of 150 000 MB per month ( gee, that's plenty ! )...of course if you ask them, they'll tell you a different story, but i know you'll believe in my version of the facts, because i've never lied to you guys .

We hope you will enjoy this summary of artwork for the year 2001. We are now working on finding al the stuff we did in 2002, and then we're going to get on working on the year 2003 !

As always, thank you for your support for all those years ( since 1997 ), and believe that while we all decided to get on with our lives, have girlfriends ( except for Hawkman ) get married, have kids, blablabla ...., we're still alive and watching !